Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dear ole Golden Rule days...

TEXT for the above pic.

Teacher: Math is very important, Johnny.
Obama: That’s true, Johnny. You listen to your teacher.
Johnny:  I will, Mr. President.
Teacher:  If you have 2 apples here and you add 2 more… you have 4 apples. Do you see?
Johnny: Yes, ma’am.
Obama: it’s 5.
Teacher: Actually it’s 4. Do the math on your hands, Mr. President.
Obama: I don’t need to use my hands! I can count to 5!
Johnny:  4.
Obama: Johnny-- let me tell you something. I’m the president. I can do whatever I want… I have fundamentally transformed the United States of America. Ask anybody at Fox. I’m fixing to change the rules of Math. Write 5 if you want to get the answer right.
Teacher: Mr. President, I think you need to leave.
Johnny:  well, wait. You say ‘4’ Mrs. Wright… and you say ‘5’ Mr. President… how do I make the right decision?
Teacher: Trust the laws of Mathematics.
Obama: *taps the paper and whispers* write ‘5’..
Johnny: *writes 5*
Obama: Excellent… where do your parents get their insurance from?
Teacher: Sick…
Obama:  Are you not feeling well? You got to keep your doctor, ya know? I did that…